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The First International Workshop on Global Irrigated Area Mapping

September 25 27, 2006
GIAM06 Workshop Presentations  
Please ensure you have adequate bandwidth to download these fairly large presentation files. It is recommended to save the presentation on to your computer and view it.  
Day1-01-Hugh-turral-Irrigation, Howmuch is there really and what does it mean (1.1 MB)  
Day1-02-Prasad-thenkabail-An Irrigated Area Map of the World (1999) derived from RS, Methods and Results (30.1 MB)  
Day1-03-Siebert_hoogeveen-Global mapping of irrigated areas by combining sub-national statistics and geo-spatial (12.3 MB)  
Day1-04-Mutlu-Ozdogon-Mapping Irrigated Agriculture over the Continental US using MODIS and Ancillary Data (6.7 MB)  
Day1-05-Wataru-takeuchi-Investigating an integrated approach on rice paddy monotoring with MODIS and AMSR (11.4 MB)  
Day1-06-Roland-Geerken-Monitoring Changing Water Demands in Dry-Land Agricultural Systems (4.0 MB)  
Day1-07-Biradar-Chandrashekhar-Global Irrigated Area Map (GIAM) Knowledge Gateways (2.4 MB)  
Day2-02-Obi-Reddy-Irrigated Areas of India Issues and Way forward (3.0 MB)  
Day2-03-Narayanmurthi-Trends in Irrigated Area in India 1950-51 to 2002-03 (0.1 MB)  
Day2-04-Eddy-de-Pauw-Large-scale mapping of irrigated areas in the CWANA (140.1 MB)  
Day2-05-Bethany-Kurz-Evaluation of Temporal Trends in Irrigated Agriculture (5.6 MB)  
Day2-06-Rakshan-roohi-Irrigated Areas of Pakistan , Trends Over Past 50 Years (11.5 MB)  
Day2-07-Jerry-knox-GIAM_2006_Improving water resources management of irrigated area mapping (2.9 MB)  
Day2-08-Gabrial-senay_Estimating ET from Irrigated Areas Using a Simplified Energy Balance Method (5.1 MB)  
Day2-09-Prasad-Thenkabail-giam-master-presentation-scale-IAF-500m-30m-10km-final-1b (62.1 MB)  
Day3-01-Prasad-Thenkabail-giam-day-3-introduction (4.7 MB)  
Day3-02-Biradar-Chandrashekhar-etal-mega-dataset-appoach (13.6 MB)  
Day3-03-Prasad-Thenkbail-etal-methods (29.1 MB)  
Day3-04-Noojipady-Praveen-area-presentation (1.8 MB)  
Day3-05-Biradar-Chandrashekhar-Accuracy-assessment (1.8 MB)  
Day3-06-Velpuri-Monoahar-et-al-GIAM-scale-issues-and-IAF (10.9 MB)  

Other General Presentations  
River Basins Irrigated Area Methods Indo Gangetic Modis (48.0 MB)  
World Final Irrigated Area Mapping Methods Results Conclusi (1.56 MB)  
World Others Irrigated Area Mapping Highlights IWMI-arm-ca (11.4 MB)  
World Others Irrigated Area Methods Brief IWMI arm ca (27.1 MB)  
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